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Ibexx RZR XPT/PRO Custom Tuning Power vision

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Are you looking for more horsepower from your Polaris RZR XPT or PRO XP? Start with this easy-to-install Power Vision 3 tuner, which comes with whatever tune you want (Bronze, Silver, Gold Platinum). Power Vision 3 eliminates the clutter and puts you in total control of your UTV’s performance. Get up to 45-50 more horsepower to the ground than stock and optimized performance for the ultimate ride.

NOTE: Bronze level comes with the device.

NOTE: Clutching is always strongly recommended for anything Silver and above.

NOTE: You’ll need to choose the tune you want to run so we know which tune to put on.

For only 50 dollars you can add additional tunes so that when you go from riding area to riding area you can adjust the tune in under 10 mins and be back out riding.

Tune Levels include the following:

Bronze Level: 5-7 HP 91 Octane Features:  This tune is a modified stock power level tune but has altered boost tables to help the turbo be more responsive.  Ibexx Alters the speed limiter and other limiters in the ECU. Ibexx also changes fueling alterations to help keep the engine running at an optimum level. We maintain the factory boost level for a small change in power and efficiency

Silver Level: 91-93 Octane features: (+20whp) This level features everything in the bronze level but pushed more towards those that want the extra power but still maintain the octane level of 91-93 Octane.

Gold Level: 100 Octane Features: (+35-40whp) This level features everything in the bronze level and silver level but we have turned up the power to get the most out of the 100 octane fuel. a Clutch kit is required for this level to ensure you get all the power to the ground.

Platinum Level: 110 Octane Features: (+45-50whp Depending on elevation) If your looking for the best of the best the fastest of the fastest then your going to want this tune. built to maximize the turbo and the octane of this 110 fuel, we built this tune for those who want to get the most out of their RZR’s.

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