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RPM Can-Am Maverick X3 "ECF" Electric Clutch Blower Fan Kit ~ Lower Clutch / Belt Temperature

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This is the ultimate fix to lower belt temperatures to extend belt & clutch life! For UTV owners who are riding trails, rock crawling, duneing, and carrying extra weight, the increased load results in higher belt temperatures. This increase in heat is an issue that causes extreme premature deterioration of belts and causes shortened clutch life. RPM has tackled this with the ECF kit (Electric Clutch Fan). This kit removes unwanted belt and clutch heat at approx.. 225CFM with ease. Keeping cool air moving through the clutch housing keep your clutches and belts happy extending belt and clutch life. This is a plug and play kit that utilizes factory power connectors at the tail light. Our oversize fan housing is designed to increase volume, to eliminate restrictions otherwise caused by the mass of fan itself. This allows for no volumetric airflow loss when the OEM clutch CFM overtakes the ECF's CFM.  All stainless hardware and silicone pieces are included to make for a easy quick install. Easy to follow instructions are included. 

Fits all year X3's

Fits all models EXCEPT XMR's 

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