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RPM 2020+ X3 Big Core Intercooler 120hp, 172hp & 195hp Upgrade

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Although the 2020+ intercoolers are larger than previous models, we were able to make a impressive improvement over stock! From mild to wild, this intercooler has you covered! A huge improvement over stock with its massive over sized core allows you to stay in peak power for longer and safer! Cooler IAT's and less heat soak equal more power even on 91 octane and less chance of knock or detonation. When tested in our deserty sand conditions we were able to maintain up to 40* cooler IAT's! 

A great option for the 120hp guys upgrading to 195+ HP tunes that require the need for an intercooler! 

This intercooler utilizes the factory fan & shroud assembly. If you're upgrading your 120hp non-intercooled model you will need to purchase the OEM (715900625)  fan and shroud assembly from us. If upgrading your already intercooled unit, you will need the intercooler only. 

Gigantic 12"x11"x4" Bar & Plate Core

This uses the factory or our RPM SxS silicone charge tubes

Drop in replacement or upgrade, no modifications required

This intercooler does NOT utilize the factory top intercooler bed cover 

This intercooler is for 2020+ models only

Fits all 2020+ versions / models.

Lifetime Warranty

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