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Jaws Ski-Doo Gen 5 850/600 and Lynx Shredder 850 Silencer (Non Turbo)

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New for the naturally aspirated 850 E-TEC and the 600R E-TEC in the GEN 5 and LYNX RADIEN2 chassis we offer our 3 standard can options, ROWDY (5 lbs.), RACE (5.5 lbs.) and TRAIL (6.5 lbs.)

Our rowdy can is loudest of the 3 models we offer, if sound is what you are after then this is the can to have.  Our popular race silencer produces an aggressive deep, crisp bark.   Our trail silencer has a respectable trail sound at the low and mid RPM ranges while adding a great top end BRAP!

A great way to shed some weight on your new GEN 5 SLED  while adding a fantastic sound!  And as always stock hp, performance and reliability are guaranteed!

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