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Iceage 2024 Tip Fix Kit for Matryx

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This product will not work with Iceage Anti Stab Wheels

The 2024 RMK and Khaos sleds do not include rail caps, and the hyfax extends beyond the end of the rail beam. Without a rail tip, in some conditions, the track clips can hammer on the front of the exposed hyfax, causing issues with hyfax retention and/or rail tips stabbing through a track window.

IceAge has developed a unique UHMW plastic rail tip specifically for the 2024 factory rail, as well as the necessary components to adapt the factory 3" anti-stab wheel kit. This allows the track to smoothly transition from driver to rail, reducing vibration and wear on your drivetrain.

Our '24 TIP FIX KIT for MATRYX RMK/KHAOS includes:

  • Custom plastic rail tips
  • 2 Stepped aluminum spacer bushings
  • 2 anti-stab spacer shafts
  • Vibra-tite thread locking compound for additional hyfax screw retention strength
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