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Ibexx GOAT Tuner w/ License

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Take your boosted sled to the next level with Ibexx proprietary tuning! Whether its factory or an aftermarket turbo kit we have you covered with the only handheld ECM tuner on the market that you can adjust the tune while on the mountain with no internet!

If your buddy is beating you then you can turn it up in under 2 mins of download time. The tuner comes with 4 different power levels or stages. This tuner will work on Ski-doo, Polaris, and Arctic Cat (with supported cables and license).

  • Price of tuner includes 1 license with every tuner (you do not need to buy a license to tune your sled, only others)
  • Logging Capability
  • Download on the mountain without wifi
  • Optimizes fuel, oil, timing, and boost control.
  • Spools turbo faster.
  • Continues building boost over 8000ft
  • Clutch kit is recommended. Clutching is available at Ibexx with proprietary lighter fly weights then any competitor and triple angle helix’s to match.


Additional licenses can be purchased here:

SKI-DOO 850 Etec Factory Turbo TUNING LEVELS

  • Bronze Stage-10hp
  • Silver Stage-20hp – Aftermarket muffler recommended
  • Gold Stage-30hp-Octane boost Highly recommended, Flow through (no baffling) muffler Highly recommended
  • Platinum Stage-40hp- Octane Boost or 50-50 mix Required, Flow through (no baffling) muffler Required.

2023 Turbo R SKI-DOO 850 Etec  TUNING LEVELS

  • Bronze Stage-5hp
  • Silver Stage-10hp – 91 OCT
  • Gold Stage-20hp-Octane boost recommended, Flow through (no baffling) muffler Highly recommended
  • Platinum Stage-COMING SOON


  • Bronze Stage- +1lb of Boost
  • Silver Stage +2lbs of Boost
  • Gold Stage +3lbs of Boost Minimum 95 OCT required


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