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Backwoods BMP Skidoo/Lynx Highmark Spindles

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Powder Coat

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NOW INTRODUCING The Backwoods Highmark Spindle series for Gen 4/5 and Lynx


Designed to revamp the riding style of both Skidoo gen4 and lynx boondocker, The BackwoodsBMP Highmark series is a product line to experience.   After installing these spindles you can immediately see and feel the difference. By increasing the ride height of your snowmobiles front end you will immediately sense a more agile, maneuverable, and playful experience.


By Increasing the distance from the lower ball joint to the bottom of the ski you are able to penetrate into the snow while sidehilling, holding that edge firmly. Body drag is decreased, and your overall center of gravity is offset to create opportunities when the going gets tough. 


This product is designed for the backcountry. Weight, strength and functionality ruled the entire design process. For those interested in this product you must ask yourself…. Are you ready to unleash your snowmobiles true potential?


Product is intended to mount with all stock components and has been tested without any suspension modifications. It is recommended that you make sure to adjust suspension and other components to your preferred specifications before riding. 

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