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RPM Ski-Doo 850 Gen 4/5 Turbo Silicone Charge & Intake Tube

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RPM stepped up and knocked these Ski-Doo Factory Turbo 850 Silicone Tubes out of the park and set the bar for the industry. Unlike any others, our tubes are SIX ply instead of 4 ply design. Not only are they STRONGER, but they are also LARGER. While others rushed their tubes to the market and suffered poor fitment RPM spent time R&D'ing the best tubes to hit the market by increasing the volume drastically on the charge & intake tube while NOT interfering with the steering stems ability to fully turn. Our charge tube not only has a 25mm port to incorporate the RPM BOV ( blow off valve ), but also has a boost reference port for those wanting to run a boost gauge or boost activated accessory. In addition to the industry's best charge tubes our kits also include rolled edge heavy duty worm gear clamps. Our rolled edge clamps will NOT cut the silicone like the OEM's or our competitors. With our extreme attention to detail and hours of R&D you can rest assure you're buying the best product for your Ski-Doo 850 Turbo snowmobile. While this is a must have item for any tuned machine these are a common failure even on stock machines. Don't let the OEM tubes ruin your POW day! 
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